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The scope of the journal us established broadly on complexity studies; with a worldwide audience, we therefore favor contributions that make predictions for the future of a global society so long as such predictions are rooted in an historical trend-line type analysis.

Our scope is to understand tomorrow by what has happened in the past and what is happening with the present. Since “complexity” conclusively takes many forms, the journal welcomes both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. We do not discourage research based upon a scholar’s methodological or analytical approach.


Call for papers


ISSUE 2.3 ( 2021)

Luhmann’s legacy in 21th century Luhmann’s work consists of over 70 books and over 400 scientific articles. This huge amount of work, is incredibly ambitious and innovative, for it provides totally new theoretical and epistemic foundations for the studies of systems and social systems.

In the last decades, numerous have been the sociological works which either observe social reality through Luhmann’s conceptual frameworks, or aim at interpreting and clarifying Luhmann’s work, which is renowned for high levels of abstraction and complexity.

This call bases upon the assumption that the time has come for seizing the legacy that Luhmann has left to sociological and systemic communities and how to value and expand it. Among its closest heirs Claudio Baraldi, Giancarlo Corsi and Elena Esposito just published ‘Unlocking Luhmann’ (2021, Bielefeld University Press), which focuses on the main keywords of Luhmann’s theory, this call welcomes papers that highlight Luhmann’s theory, vision and works and how to develop, expand and strategically apply them I our present and in the future.

The papers pass through a DPR process; the selected papers will be published as the special session of 3.3 issue of WCSA Journal.

The deadline for submitted papers is Oct. 31 2021.

Authors are kindly requested to respect the following guidelines:

Editors in Chief

Massimiliano Ruzzedu

Dr. Massimiliano Ruzzeddu

Tenured Researcher at University Niccolò Cusano in Rome, Italy

Dr. Roberta Iannone

Sapienza, University of Rome, Italy

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