World Complexity Science Academy

7th Conference

Risk and Opportunities in the Complexity Age

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – January 5 and 6, 2017

In the last decades, globalization has increased greatly for all social actors in terms of opportunities of knowledge, education, communication and financial profits. At the same time, the level of uncertainty has rapidly increased, mainly due to the enormous amount of cheap information that is available at any moment. This affects all spheres of social life: economic, social and political; as well as every level of decision making, from single individuals to local policy implementation, strategic managements of big organizations both public and private, national or even supranational. Due to the fact that complexity is common to diverse milieus, the best strategy to deal with uncertainty is to share knowledge from different domains beyond the disciplinarian and scientific borders.


Governing Turbulence, Risk and Opportunities in the Complexity Age

The book is composed of several articles that explore complexity in its most varied aspects. The solution of contemporary problems, whatever they may be, requires a multifaceted vision, far beyond the reductionist perspective. The study of complex systems, however, does not have the capacity to offer ready answers to the challenges of humanity. On the contrary, it points to the increase in uncertainty, the need to control variables, and uncertainty. This does not mean, therefore, that we should simply ignore the social, economic, and political phenomena that are all around us. What this book demonstrates is the importance of knowledge being disseminated, and it is imperative that different sciences exchange ideas, theories, and breakthroughs.

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