World Complexity Science Academy

10th WCSA Conference – Lisbon

10th WCSA Worldwide Conference

SEXY TRENDS for an Emerging Global Governance System

LISBON, APRIL 20th-22nd, 2022

*In presence event will depend on the number of registered participants and the evolution of the COVID-19 outbreak. Virtual event on Zoom Platform


STAY TUNED: Call for panels, papers and presentations will be announced soon

We are living in an Übergangszeit in which new and old, simple and complex, global and local coevolve side by side. It is a strange time in which threats and opportunities often look like Siamese twins for example in economy and ecology, in energy and environmental policies, in autonomy and dependence. New ways of strategic-conceptual problem setting and solving are needed, especially about ways of joining forces between scholars, researchers, business, and the public in order to generate new smart alliances for the next emergence and regenerative paradigm for sustainability and thrivability.

Research-based education becomes strategic for smart global governance valuing every kind of multiple intelligence. An intelligent approach to the complexity of any relevant difference impacting globally on business, technology, science, law, administration, politics, development, artificial intelligence, smart cities, climate change and sustainability, intellectual capital, intangible wealth creation, and more requires a complex system mindset and a smart, ironic vision to get oddities and anomalies which often are first signals of emergency phenomena not yet understood. These emergent anomalies and oddities often are too shapeless to be observed and considered by masses, crowds, and everyday common sense of the boring world taken for granted. Nevertheless, these emergent oddities and anomalies often play a key and invisible role in wealth creation by redesigning its intangible asset portfolio which outputs can be incredibly sexy for the entire mankind.

WCSA, is a think-and-do-tank, which believes that a complexity education-based approach to global governance enables the observation and modeling of emergent anomalies and oddities, translating them into potential sexy trends. Through its research and educational agendas along with its publishing, divulgation, and in partnership activities, WCSA has already narrowed down some of these potential sexy trends just like, but not only:

– The Great Escape from the Caves
– Hypercitizenship
– Hypercities, smart cities and territorial systemic development
– Global citizenship and migration
– Power, politics and the emerging new world order
– The Legislation-Development-Demography-Technology (LEDDET) Cycle
– Developing a sextuple helix: public-companies-citizens-politics-media-university
– Ethical boundaries of Artificial Intelligence autonomy
– A transgenerational justice approach to sustainable development: filling the gap between present and
future generations
– Climate change and sustainability
– Communication, deliberation and digital platforms: A democratic roadmap to the future
– Digital media education and Public Administration reform
– The great systemic emergence: Developing educational tools to address complex phenomena
– Unraveling value creation in an intangible wealth age

Beyond these sexy trends, the 10th WCSA Conference is open to any other contribution proposal on the intelligent global governance of complex phenomena, both on its macro processes and systems, and research-based complexity.

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