World Complexity Science Academy



Law architecture design and policy modeling to promote the university-government-business triple helix in a globalized and cosmopolitan global-player scenario. Empower and develop a teaching-researching-disseminating triple helix in which diffusion takes different shapes from public engagement to strategic consulting, from mentoring to spin off start-ups.

Concepts and Principles

Evolution of life goes from the very micro (the cell) to the very macro (the universe). The complex systemic vision also supported by dynamic multidimensional processes (Norbert Elias, Ervin Laszlo) provides new evolutionary chances and challenges for the human species.  It is a political, economic, social, legal, and technological world order, which is the domain of WCSA research and policy, shaped by a complex system approach with its interdisciplinary paradigm and applied tools. The policy core is the evolution of citizenship on an interconnected planet, specifically in the configuration of Hypercitizenship with its four (4) dimensions: entrepreneurial, societal, scientific, and cosmopolitan.

Producing valid and viable large-scale knowledge is the key evolutionary scale of our times and WCSA proudly plays the game.

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