World Complexity Science Academy

Renewing your membership

Why should you renew your WCSA membership?

It is with great pleasure that we grant your interest in renewing your WCSA membership.
As a WCSA member you will enjoy several benefits among which:
– Gain access to a worldwide network of about 130 political, social, legal, economical, science scholars with whom you can relate network, lobby and share research, conference and editorial projects.
– Join all publishing opportunities provided by WCSA.
– Have full access to the WCSA on-line services.
– Be eligible to compete for the “WCSA MEDAL 6 th EDITION, 2022″ in some of its categories
–  Be a part of our 10th WCSA Worldwide Conference in Lisbon, on April 20th-22nd 23rd – 2022. 
– Be a proactive protagonist of research based public policy debate influencing the future trends of socio-economic development.
Take this chance and keep on being a prominent member of our Academy!

Annual Membership Fee

WCSA’s Annual Membership Fee is 100 (one hundred euro) for ordinary members and of 50 (fifty euro) for junior members (under the age of 30).

We are relying on your support to continue to set and reach new shared goals.

Please renew your annual WCSA membership fee within March 31th of each year.

Concerning Payment

WCSA makes available two payment methods:

Wire Transfer to WCSA bank account in Italy

WCSA IBAN CODE: IT55X0307502200CC8500825766 BANCA GENERALI, Pescara, Italy For foreign bank transfer BIC or SWIFT: BGENIT2T
PayPal Transfer
Disclaimer: By choosing Paypal, it is mandatory for the payer to add the PayPal fee to the original amount of the membership fee.
For senior membership the total amount due is 108 (one hundred and eight euro).
For junior membership the total amount due is 54 (fifty-four euro).
A payment of lower amount will not be valid as membership fee and will be accepted by WCSA as volunteered donation of the payer. 

Contact directions

May you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us through:

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