World Complexity Science Academy

About WCSA

The World Complexity Science Academy (WCSA) is a social and cultural no-profit organization committed to the diffusion of scientific knowledge inspired to the systemic approach

The WCSA has also the purpose of promoting the meeting and the co-operation among the scholars.

Consistently with this purpose, WCSA organizes periodical national and international Conferences and supervises specific and scientific publications. The WCSA is a meeting place for scholars from very different disciplines inspired by the systemic approach.

The WCSA aims at creating a constellation of research projects and publications to empower a wide horizon and knowledge intensive strategy to let science successfully cope with the key challenges of our times concerning economical development, ecology, radical innovation and biotechnology.

The World Complexity Science Academy (WCSA) is a think-tank whose motto is “research determines policy, which determines politics.”  WCSA is also an organizational systemic hub of a network of world-class complexity system scholars, professionals, entrepreneurs, and policymakers for the diffusion of the “Complex System Approach”. 

The “Complex System Approach”, inspired by Jean Piaget’s, Heinz von Foerster’s, Ernst von Glasersfeld’s and Niklas Luhmann’s systemic constructivism, is meant as an interdisciplinary paradigm and an applied strategic toolkit for addressing the main global challenges and opportunities of our time — in terms of world-order policy-modeling and policy-making.

As a think-and-do-tank, WCSA aims to facilitate the worldwide sharing of high added-value knowledge and the free circulation of intellectual and strategic capitals at a global scale, thereby facilitating transnational and supranational win/win policies.