PREVIEW Rio de Janeiro Presidential Address Abstract

PREVIEW Rio de Janeiro, January 5th 2017 the Presidential Address Abstract opening the 7th WCSA World Conference: In seven years WCSA published about 30 books in 5 book collections for different international Publishers, one journal recently replaced by a more prestigious one, organized two summer schools, two editions of its prestigious Medal received by Ervin Laszlo and then Klaus Krippendorff tomorrow here in Rio the third edition recipient (s) will be announced, WCSA undersigned partnerships for fundraising and big scale research projects and evolved a membership directory which through the years involved and involves members from four continents. Alliances and partnerships with large networks and federations such as ISA, IFCA, IFSR, SFAI and many orhers cobranding our Conference. Nevertheless WCSA key strength is small numbers as it is shaped as a think tank and a research center for theoretical and applied research aimed at strategic consulting, lobbying, policy modelling and policy making to deal with the key macro challenges of our times. In ages of financial crisis, WCSA balance has always been relatively small nevertheless as far as I remember we always ended every year with a plus sign. A think tank and a research center for problem setting and problem solving: macro strategy, micro technique. Interdisciplinare systemic epistemology focused on the political sciences at large for challenges such as governing turbulence in complex, risky and global scenarios which inspired the title of this conference I am honoured to open today. Enjoy this chance to work together in a think tank way and be ready for the General Assembly where we will make important decisions about the next future of WCSA and its next world conferences for which we already have some interesting candidates.

Thank you!

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