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Turbulent Convergence, Digitalization and Supranational Lawmaking of the European Union for Economic Development and Social Equality in the Global Player Scenario

14-15 November 2018, European Parliament, Rome, Italy

The current scenarios are composed of a decreasing number of bigger and bigger global players such as the EU, the USA, China, Russia, Mercosur and very few others. These global players are already interconnected on a global scale by key phenomena like technological convergence and international treaties: CETA, NAFTA, MERCOSUR for example. So to speak, the link among Canada (NAFTA) with EU (CETA), Mexico (NAFTA member and MERCOSUR observing member) with Brazil (MERCOSUR full member) already shape a legislative alignment in which free trade, technological standardization and shared human right and social equality policies tend to match more convergence both in digital and legal terms and more at the viability level. The emerging key challenge is not who launch new development, as the leverage of this alignment is already enormous and insofar evolutionary. The recent treaty between the EU and Japan is one more piece of evidence of the increasing convergence both in digital and legal terms.
The key evolutionary challenge and paramount goal of the conference is to be the host and hub of innovative policy modelling, policymaking, institutional strategic redesign and lawmaking for reshaping socio-economic development by shaping a triple helix of legislative design – free trade alignment – technological standardization

Open list of potential topics for ABSTRACT SUBMISSION:

1. Social equality and human rights in convergent scenarios
2. Transparency, confidentiality and privacy of data
3. AI, labor policies and social control
4. Safety, security and free circulation
5. Big Data public management
6. Implementing global citizenship and citizenship policies among global players
7. The horizontalization of constitutions
8. Legislative proposal to strengthen the links among NAFTA, EU and MERCOSUR
9. Designing new socio-economic development strategies
10. Free circulation and interdependence
11. Capitalism next evolutionary shapes
12. Redesigning educational policies for global citizens
13. Legal, political and economical aspects of digitalization
14. Aligning military defense technologies and policies
15. Aligning criminal procedures, technologies and policies
16. The EU and the convergence with Far East
17. Redesigning the EU supernational, looking at the East of the EU
18. Redesigning the EU supernational, looking at the South of the EU
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